Experthook Series

Characteristics Chart of Experthook

The "Experthook" continues to evolve with trout area.

Reliable basic performance for a wide range of lures and fishing methods,
and a lineup that can be strategically rotated.

The standard hooks for the area that can be selected intuitively according to the angler's intentions and the conditions of the fishing spot with a clear development concept.

Hook Form Correlation
[ Gape / Hooking Point ]

Hook Performance Correlation
[ Strength / Penetration ]

Basic & Easy Models

With reliable quality and high cost performance,
the following models are recommended for anglers who are new to trout area fishing.

A basic hook lineup that anyone can learn the basics of, including the "One Touch Hook" with "Quick Eye" that is easy to use and easy to change.

Hook Performance Correlation
[ Strength / Penetration ]

Quick Eye

Can be replaced without split ring!
Easy replacement by anyone without special tools!