BC-61F / BW-61F
Blade Tune Assist
Blade Tune Assist
BC-61F / BW-61F
Blade Tune Assist

Blade Tune Assist

Blade Tune Assist
#2/0, 3/0, 4/0
Fusso Black (PTFE)
Excellent Appeal to Target by Blade Movements

Enables to perform excellent appeal to variety of species by the tricky movements by using very thin blade.
Realizing smooth spin performance of blade due to PTFE coating has given onto the swivel.
Able to use for teethy fish as well that is consisted by metal parts only.
The lineup two models for Colorado (BC-61F) and Willow Leaf (BW-61F).

Spoon Experthook Extra Heavy (SPB-61F)
Splendid anti-rust PTFE coating for perfect saltwater use. Large eye design for easy installation.

[Target fish]
Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, Snapper, Grouper, Flatfish, Cutlassfish, Seabass, Bluefish, Salmon, etc.



Blade TypeModel CodeSizeHook ColorQty / PackJAN codeMSRP
ColoradoBC-61F#2/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038187500
ColoradoBC-61F#3/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038194500
ColoradoBC-61F#4/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038200500
WillowBW-61F#2/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038217500
WillowBW-61F#3/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038224500
WillowBW-61F#4/0Fusso Black (PTFE)1set + 2pcs of spare hooks4949146038231500