Experthook Series


The “Experthook” continues to evolve with trout area.

Reliable basic performance for a wide range of lures and fishing methods,
and a lineup that can be strategically rotated.

The standard hooks for the area that can be selected intuitively according to the angler’s intentions and the conditions of the fishing spot with a clear development concept.

The lineup comprises the narrow “SP series” and the wide “SW series”.

Numbering Rules in Experthook Series

Expert hooks can be identified by their model number, which gives you an idea of the wire diameter and basic application.

Strength & Hooking Performance

The wire diameter of a fishing hook correlates with its penetrating performance and strength.
The thinner the hook, the better the penetration but the lower the strength, and the thicker the hook, the higher the strength but lower the penetration.

Wire Thickness & Type of Bites

Expert hooks can be used for a variety of bites by using different forms and wire diameters.
The following table recommends the use of different products according to the type of bite.

Bite Speed and Wire Thickness Correlation Chart


Bite Speed and Situation Correlation Chart