DATE: 28.Jul.2023

Two Anglers’ Selects Vol.1: Summer Crankbaiting Strategy; Yasuhito Imai & Koki Wada at Lake Hiraya Fishing Spot

“Two Anglers’ Selects” is a new program in which two anglers with different styles fish together.

The first volume features crankbaits master Yasuhito Imai and top tournament angler Koki Wada.

They explain how to fish each of the summer Lake Hiraya Fishing Spot with increasing levels of difficulty.

Please refer to them for future fishing.




Lake Hiraya Fishing Spot
Located on a plateau about 1,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by the rich nature of Minami-Shinshu, it is one of the largest trout fishing areas in Japan where you can enjoy lure, fly, and tenkara fishing even in summer.
Beginners and advanced anglers alike can enjoy fishing according to their own style.

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