DATE: 30.May.2023

Tournament Report: OFC Cup … Taichi Inoue

This time I was able to take first place overall for the year in the OFC Cup.

The first point of contact between a fish and a human being is the hook.
The importance of the hook is quite significant, and the right choice depending on the situation led to more bites and catches.


When the fish were moving too fast and not turning over at the time of stocked, or when I felt the bites were too active and violent, I used SW-31F size #6 to put the tip of the hook against the fish and stab the hook.

On the other hand, when the stocked fish are slow or I had many turning back bites, I use SP-31F size #5 or #6 to make the tip of the hook stay in position while I aim the hook deep into the fish.

In a calm situation (second leg / third leg after stocking), the lure is slowed down a little and the angler tends to explore the range of the water more.
In this case, SP-21F size #7 is the best match to use, and when the fish bite is weak and you can feel a touch of the lure, I used SW-21F size # 8 to give priority to good initial hooking…


The game has evolved further and is moving toward a slower style. The game has become so sensitive that the movement of lures such as micro spoons and small crankbaits depends on the size and weight of the hook.

In such a situation, the wide variety of Vanfook hooks makes it possible to lower the hook size to create more movement, or to raise the hook size to catch-up even small bites. The ability to set the hook perfectly allowed me to concentrate on the game.


The perfect strength and penetration. They are my trusty hook.



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