DATE: 6.Apr.2023

The Offshore Spirits: Topwater Edition / Yellowfin Tuna Game … Hiromu Sano

In this edition, we report on the topwater game for Yellowfin Tuna off the coast of Owase, Mie Prefecture, Japan with a member of Vanfook Field Staff HIROMU SANO.

First up is the Topwater casting game.

This day, the winds had died down and the sea conditions were relatively calm, and it took about 90 minutes from the port to reach the point, offshore Payao.


Immediately after arrival, sea birds were flying around and the atmosphere was quite nice, so he started casting to lure them out. The wind was relatively calm, and he repeatedly cast while the boat was flowing just right. In the second spot after changing the line of the current, a big column of water suddenly came up and Yellowfin bit.




Hiromu Sano used a calm, familiar technique to pulling the fish while carefully and quickly brought the Yellowfin to the surface so as not to let it run amok. Within eight or nine minutes after the bite, the fish came to the surface.


It was a Yellowfin Tuna weighing well over 50 kg, which we could not have imagined from the fighting time.


Small baitfish came out of the stomach contents that the fish had spit out. The slim popper he used matched the bait perfectly.
Sano’s standard hook setting for lures in recent years has been to select a couple of single assit hooks for the belly and a single assist for the rear. The hook is the Beast Edge (BG-86), the single assist for casting game.


When luring at slow to medium-slow speeds, which is Sano’s specialty, the lure is very often hooked at the belly, and the catch rate is much higher with twin hooks. He also sometimes uses a small tungsten sinker to adjust the floating posture and balance the weight of the lure.

Selecting and setting hooks according to the size of the target fish may be a shortcut to better results.



The actual fishing and commentary at that fishing trip is now available on YouTube.

Special thanks: ANGLERS TIME, the offshore fishing magazine

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DEEP BLUE, the fishing charter
The fishing charter boat sails from Kata Port in Owase, Mie Prefecture, Japan.
The very skillfull captain, who is well versed in inshore jigging as well as Yellowfin Tuna casting game, provides full support for anglers.

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