DATE: 27.Sep.2022

How to Create an Assist Hook [for Ringed Hook]

We would like to show you how to create a simple assist hook using a jigging hook with ringed eye.

The tackles used this time are;

  • Hook ———-  Swifter [SW-04] Size #3/0
  • Solid Ring —-  Assist Ring [A-PR] Size #SS
  • Assist Cord —  Jigging Assist Line Fluorocore [J-FC]  80LB, using about 15cm

Tools needed are: Scissors, Pliers, and a Lighter.

Let us explain in order.

1. Hold the hook so that the hook point faces you.

2. Thread the assist cord through the eye from the front to the back.


3. Tie the hook with an easy snell knot. And, make a loop with the cord.

4. Wrap the assist cord around the hook two or three times.


5. Thread the end of the wrapped assist cord through the loop made at the beginning.

6. Pull the end yarn to tighten it.


7. Grip the end yarn with a pair of pliers or something similar and tighten it firmly.

8. Tie the hook on the other side in the same way.


9. The hook is securely tied to both ends of the assist cord.

10. Cut the excess end yarn.


11. Leave about 5 mm of the end yarn.

12. Sear the end yarn with a lighter to make lumps. Be careful not to sear the main cord.
Note: Assist cord made of PE material will melt and form lumps when seared, but please note that there are materials such as Kepler that will not form lumps even if seared.


13. After processing both end yarns, fold back the assist cord so that they are exactly the same length.

14. Thread the ring through the assist cord.


15. Fold back the assist cord.

16. Make a large loop on one side as shown in the picture.


17. Twist the loop 90 degrees.

18. Thread the ring through the loop.


19. Pull the ring through the loop to form the ring as shown in the picture.

20. Finally, grab the ring with a pair of pliers and hold the hook and tighten it firmly.


21. Align the direction of the hooks and you are done.


Once you get used to it, each set takes about 3 minutes to create, so please give it a try.
We have also created a video so please refer to it from below link.



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