DATE: 26.Jul.2023

DT-58F in Australia, the PTFE Coated Treble … Dean Silvester

I have been testing the DT-58F in Australia since its initial creation. This hook caught my attention because of the finer profile and smaller barb. We catch a lot of big powerful fish in Australia. However, they often have tough jaws and are difficult to hook successfully.


People tend to run large gauge hooks for fear of straightening a hook on such large fish, although the issue I find with heavy gauge hooks is that they don’t penetrate well enough and will either drop fish or bend the hook point.


I prefer a thinner wire and fine barb so the hook will easily and quickly penetrate, getting to the hook’s curve (strongest part) as quickly as possible. The PTFE coating on the DT-58F ensures that the hook will penetrate even faster than a standard hook whilst also ensuring the hook will stay corrosion free and super sharp at all times.


Fish like Barramundi often cheek swipe or head butt lures, not entirely engulfing them.

The DT-58F has ensured that when a fish does that to my bait, I will likely pin them with the super sticky hook points grabbing the fish and the fine wire easily penetrating past the barb to lock that fish on.


Some of the big fish I target in the saltwater have very soft mouths and require smaller profile baits to be tempted. Smaller baits will lose their action if I run a heavy gauge hook, so being able to run a DT-58F hook in as small sizes as sizes two and four to catch giant fish is a game changer for me.


The quicker penetration means the hook is holding the fish in the strongest position, and there is no chance of the hook pulling out and no likelihood of that hook failing under pressure as it is in its strongest position.

The PTFE coating also ensures that my hooks won’t corrode or rust when I use them in saltwater.


The DT-58F hook is ideal for targeting big, strong, fighting fish in Australia for fresh and saltwater. I can be confident that this hook will pin the fish and stay hooked up stronger than any other hook I have used.


With the PTFE Anti-Rust coating, I can be sure that my hooks will be ready to use when I need them, regardless of having recently used it in salt or freshwater.

Dean Silvester



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