Company Profile

All the Passion and Technologies Belong to Hooks

This is the ultimate manufacturing philosophy that VANFOOK is aiming for.

Line, lures, reels, rods, life preservers and so on…, they must all be in place for fishing to work.
However, the most important part is the hook that makes the fish on, and the terminal parts and line that support it at the close by.
These seemingly unassuming tackles are what we VANFOOK put all our passion into.

We have the know-how developed over a long period of time, and we use the best materials and the best manufacturing techniques to finish our products.

There are many types of metals in particular, but the best materials for fishing hooks and terminal parts are limited. In addition, heat treatment changes the properties of metals that VANFOOK has continued to manufacture our products by paying attention to processing that matches the characteristics of the materials through years of research and development.

Concentrating on various manufacturing methods that VANFOOK has developed with particular attention, those invisible know-how determines the outcome of fishing.
We would like to put all of our efforts into providing the world's best quality products.

Brand Concept

VANFOOK provides the best hooks and parts that can provide anglers with the best moments and share their excitement.

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to be a company where everyone involved in VANFOOK can feel joy and affluence.

Corporate Information

215 Komoe, Nishiwaki, Hyogo, 677-0021 JAPAN